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Creative Experience Agency


We are Wild Things a Creative Experience Agency based in London. We create amazing experiences for wildly ambitious brands. WT is backed by Lucky Generals which means we nail the strategic approach.

Wild Things build cultural and emotional connections by building narrative environments.

Our stories spread like wildfire. Telling stories is one of the oldest parts of human nature.
It’s how we pass on important information to one another, how we warn against the world’s monsters, how we inspire with tales of discovery and how we share our ideas.

And now that we’re all able to share our stories with the world instantly, the places where these stories take place need to be more creative than ever. At Wild Things, we build unique worlds where everyone can create and share their own story. A bit like Max in this book.


WT call these worlds Narrative Environments.

We start with what the environment looks like, defining and then designing it. We make sure it’s always on brand, but we like to make sure it’s a creative and inspiring environment, not just covered in logos.

Next, we add what it sounds like, this is as much about music and background ambience as the defined dialogue and messaging we want to share with visitors.

Finally, we add the tactile elements, what should the world feel like? What should we taste there? What do we experience around the world that we can create a lasting memory from?

We then build out all the possible stories we can share directly from the experience. We script and film in advance so we’re ready to tell the story to as many people immediately.

We’re proud of the stories we tell and how much they’ve been shared and whenever we create an experience we do it to feed the imagination of everyone there, so they, like Max, can be the king of their own story.

We’d love to share some of our experiences with you and help you tell your story.

You can see some of our work at